Welcome Letter

Dear Fellow MGHer,

At periodic get-togethers such as at the RSNA reunions and at the Hampton Lectures many of you have expressed interest in having more social and professional interaction with MGH Radiology and with each other. Whether you graduated in the era before CT and MRI, or after the development of PET and molecular imaging, you share with each other the exciting experience of coming of age at the MGH in your chosen specialty. It is that clinical, teaching, scientific and social bond that makes us all forever members of the MGH family.

A group of us that includes younger and older MGHers, both those who have left the institution to pursue careers in the far-flung outside world and others who have remained here or are in training at the MGH, have given thought to how to develop a meaningful continuing experience for our alumni. We now believe we have a formula for success for such an enterprise, and are pleased to announce the founding of "The Massachusetts General Hospital Radiological Society" of which you, of course, are automatically a member. It is our aim to utilize the many educational resources of the MGH, recruit the talent and experience of our graduates, provide a useful informational exchange on topics of clinical interest, and foster networking for other professional and social purposes. Our plan is to regularly provide much of this to you on the web, and to periodically provide a teaching and social venue that will bring us together in one place.

Our initial plan is to establish effective communication, and to invite you to participate in that effort. This email is our first step. We have arranged to provide you with access to your new MGH Radiological Society website (http://www.massgeneralimaging.org/alumni/) where you can gain access to our aims statement, other general information, and the monthly issues of Radiology Rounds. You can assist us in this startup by using the questionnaire on the website to update your personal contact information as needed and to volunteer as a class agent if you wish.

We hope we have captured your interest and excited your enthusiasm about finally starting this society that we anticipate you will find a useful and enjoyable means of advancing your clinical education and involvement with the MGH department and your fellow graduates. We would be very gratified to entice you to come to Boston in the fall of 2010 for the first annual meeting. If you have any questions or suggestions, you are encouraged to communicate with any of the members of the organizing committee listed below, or with our executive secretary (617-726-3403, mghradiologicalsociety@partners.org).

All the best from the MGH Radiological Society Organizing Committee.

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